provides full-service solutions for transport, handling and storage of subsea cables and flexibles to a worldwide client base. Clients include subsea cable manufacturers, subsea cable installation companies, EPIC contractors and utility companies.


WIND occupies a unique market position. Founded in 1991 as a cargo ship owner and operator it combines knowledge of ships and shipping with specialist experience in handling subsea cables, making use of its extensive shipping network, large pool of smart cable equipment and experienced cable crews.


Specialist in subsea cable logistics

Oudegracht 164-168, 1811 CP Alkmaar, The Netherlands

+31 (0)72 5 19 32 50


What can we do for you?


  • transport of subsea cable from and to any port worldwide including vessel chartering, vessel and equipment mobilisation
  • cable transfers from vessel-to-shore, shore-to-vessel or vessel-to-vessel
  • supply of cable equipment and cable crew
  • storage of subsea cable
  • recovery of out-of-service subsea cables from the seabed
  • pre-lay grapnel runs and route clearance
  • competitive cargo brokerage and vessel chartering


WIND has specialist teams of cable crew and cable transfer equipment available. Due to our flexibility we are mostly able to mobilise on very short notice. Try us! Our teams include supervisors, equipment operators and coilers. We can also take care of the entire cable transfer operation, including preparation of load-out documents, risk assessments and method statements.


At our yard we offer our clients secure storage for subsea cables, both for short and long term.


Due to the favourable location of the yard, immediately behind the locks of IJmuiden, in the direct proximity of Amsterdam, and the direct availability of specialised cable equipment and manpower WIND is able to provide its clients with a rapid and efficient service.


Through our large network of acquainted ship owners we are always able to provide the right vessel, at the right time and location. Conversion of a vessel and fitting it out with specialist equipment so that the vessel is suitable for a specific project often plays an important role in our projects.


We conceive and engineer the best solutions in-house and send out our team of welding foremen, constructors and project engineers to rig a vessel in any port worldwide. Equipment is either sourced locally or dispatched from our depot by air or sea. This flexibility limits vessel deviation and ensures maximum cost efficiency.


In 2008, WIND joined forces with its client Mertech Marine to convert one of the vessels in WIND's fleet (the mv Lida) for the purpose of recovering out-of-service subsea cable from the seabed. One of the Lida’s first projects involved the recovery of the 8,000 kilometre SAT-1 communications cable, which had been laid between Portugal and South Africa in the mid-1960s.


The use of a relatively small converted cargo vessel with specialist crews for the recovery works made the recovery not only cost-efficient but also increased the environmental benefit of the project. The successful completion of the recovery of the SAT-1 cable was a significant achievement which represented a milestone that has changed the industry.


Our wholly-owned subsidiary WIND Vietnam specialises in vessel and cargo brokerage and serves as a hub of local . The company is based in Ho Chi Minh and operates worldwide but with a strong focus on Asia.



WIND Vietnam

Mr. Truong Quoc Duong                                     

07th Floor, IPC Tower, Unit 706

1489 Nguyen Van Linh Parkway

Tan Phong Ward, District 7

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


T  +84 (08) 377 60 381

M +84 908 418 058




WIND owns a pool of cable handling equipment. Aside from our own equipment listed below we are able to source any type of cable equipment from our large network where and when needed.


Equipment Specifications
Bow cable engine BCE20kN
Bow cable engine 300mm BCE20kN 300
Cable track CT
Carousel 1,000te Carousel 1,000te
Carousel 2,000te Carousel 2,000te
Chute Chute R5
Linear cable engine


Loading arm for static tanks LA-01
Loading arm for carousels LA-02




WIND is the commercial, technical and financial manager of the following vessels:


mv Aniek
mv Layla
mv Lida
mv Suzie-Q



Strategic Marine shipyard has contracted WIND to coordinate the transport of two newbuild catamaran ferries from their yard in Vungtau, Vietnam to Harlingen in the Netherlands.

The scope of the contract is all-inclusive; including the selection and chartering services of a semi-submersible transport vessel for ocean carriage as well as local towage arrangements.

Commenting on this first contract between the two companies, WIND commercial director Erik Thomas says: “We are very pleased to be working with Strategic Marine. After looking carefully at their requirements, we have arranged semi-submersible transport for these two new ferries with shipping company Pan Ocean, who will be mobilising one of their specialist heavy-lift vessels for the task.”

Loading of the two vessels will take place between June and August 2018 from Strategic Marine’s yard in Vungtau, Vietnam.

Although WIND is most well-known for its subsea cable transport, storage and logistics services, it is also an established shipping company: owning, managing and operating four general cargo and cable recovery vessels. In addition, WIND has an extensive track record for vessel chartering and cargo brokerage.

“This is a real door-to-door solution – we will be taking care of every aspect of the vessel shipment with overall project management that includes all the necessary permits.”


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  • Main office

Oudegracht 164-168

1811 CP Alkmaar

The Netherlands


  • Yard office

Concordiastraat 84
1951 AS Velsen Noord
The Netherlands


T +31 (0)72 519 32 50

F +31 (0)72 519 32 60



  • Vietnam office


07th Floor, IPC Tower, Unit 706

1489 Nguyen Van Linh Parkway

Tan Phong Ward, District 7

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


T +84 (08) 377 60 381



Directors: Robbert van Diepen, Tom Nooij, Erik Thomas

There are currently no vacancies.


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